Off The Stage Music, LLC

Music has the powerful ability to bring us together and reach people on a personal level, enriching and even saving lives. With cuts to music education and dramatic changes in the music industry, we believe music itself is at risk.

We at Off The Stage Music build artist brands and develop talent. We line up creative funding. We produce, collaborate, connect, coach and guide artists, helping to take their careers to the next level. We are marketers, artist developers, producers, strategists. But, most of all, we are music lovers with an even deeper love of those who create it.

Off The Stage Music, LLC is the newly-branded national venture founded and led by CEO Nina Pickell, representing an expansion of services she and her team have provided the industry for many years. Our mission: we empower, develop, equip and lift up recording artists so they can build sustainable lives in music, advance their careers, and create the music they want to create.

Contact us to learn more or submit your information to the team and watch for our new site!

Check out what we’ve been doing in the world of music to build brands and some of our music industry services in the bio of CEO and Founder Nina Pickell.