Off The Stage Music, LLC

Music has the powerful ability to bring us together and reach people on a personal level, enriching and even saving lives. With cuts to music education and dramatic changes in the music industry, we believe music itself is at risk.

We at Off The Stage Music build artist brands and develop talent. We line up creative funding. We produce, collaborate, connect, coach and guide artists, helping to take their careers to the next level. We are marketers, artist developers, producers, strategists. But, most of all, we are music lovers with an even deeper love of those who create it.

Off The Stage Music, LLC is the newly-branded national venture founded and led by CEO Nina Pickell, representing an expansion of services she and her team have provided the industry for many years. Our mission: we empower, develop, equip and lift up recording artists so they can build sustainable lives in music, advance their careers, and create the music they want to create.

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Check out what we’ve been doing in the world of music to build brands and some of our music industry services in the bio of CEO and Founder Nina Pickell.

Featured Artists and Projects

Munk Duane
Check out our project named Video of the Year 2019 by the six-state New England Music Awards: “Another Day Another Bullet” Produced by CEO Nina Pickell and recording artist Munk Duane. Among other awards and recognition, Nina is also the recipient of the industry award (“Scene Award”) from the same organization.

Stephanie James
Recording artist Stephanie James brings an evocative, fresh experience to the world of pop music. With a voice often described as “stunning” and “soulful”, Stephanie is a gifted storyteller who masterfully touches the hearts and souls of her fans. Brilliantly conveying the fragility and gravity of intense feelings through her voice, she brings them along on an emotional journey woven through each and every song. Trained in classical and pop music followed by the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Stephanie performs throughout New England as well as in LA, where she resides currently. She successfully released her first EP “Rise with the Tide” in 2017 in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producers Simone Torres and JT Gagarin. Early 2020, she’ll be releasing her first full-length album with a multi-charting and Grammy-nominated all star team.

“Nina Pickell is an incredible advisor, friend, and mentor. I’ve known Nina for a few years and I’m so grateful to have had a chance to work with her on my artistry, branding, social media, and overall advising as well as launching a crowdfunding campaign successfully funding my first full album this year. Nina has guided me in ways to highlight my strengths and strengthen where I have had weaknesses so I am a more well-rounded successful independent artist.
Her knowledge is multi-faceted which allows her diverse clients reach their individual goals. Nina is a great friend – her honesty, compassion, and work ethic will push you to work hard and shine your brightest.” (Jan. 2020)

Jamie Hart
Delivering an exciting new experience to pop music that’s alluring and captivatingly bold, award-winning Indie pop artist and Berklee voice faculty member Jamie Hart recently released the first single “Get Closer” from her upcoming EP coming out in 2020, as well as her music video. She released her second single from the project “Shadow” on January 31. CEO Nina Pickell worked with Jamie starting in June of 2019 into 2020 as she transitioned and prepared for the new music. Here’s what Jamie had to say:

“Nina was the missing link that I needed for this next phase in my music career. After taking some time off, I knew I had to completely re-brand and organize my approach in a different and more directed way. Nina does all of this from a heart centered place while remaining professional and focused on the big picture goals. She also has a fantastic way of coaching you through the doubts and confusion that come from becoming an entrepreneur. I couldn’t be more grateful for the work she’s done for me and I look forward to much more work together in the future!” (Sept. 2019)

Feeling so much gratitude right now for this special lady who guides me through the madness of a music career.
She is by my side when I feel like quitting and my greatest cheerleader when I’m in my flow.
Thank you Nina Pickell for being the best coach in this business.” (Nov. 2019) 

Other Artists

We work with a variety of artists and bands at any time, on various goals for their careers and engagement with us.

Multi-market recording artist, producer 2020-2021
*I also developed and rebranded this artist as a producer, songwriter, artist entrepreneur 

“I was extremely hesitant to work with management of any kind until I met Nina. Her passion for music and positivity
made her stand out to me in comparison to anyone else who had offered me their services. She understands how many different aspects there are to a music career, as well as how intertwined your career can get with your personal life and emotions. Nina has always made me feel heard and valued, and she truly cares about me as a person, beyond just my career. She is extremely humble and hardworking, and will be there for you whenever and however you need her. My favorite part of working with Nina is that she allows me to be me, and will spend hours thinking through a decision with me to make sure it’s the right one. For that, I am forever grateful!

Nina is always bringing me new ideas and information that I never would’ve found on my own. She has a real pulse
of the industry and is always keeping an eye out for new opportunities, which allows me to focus on what I really love, being creative.
Rather than looking at me as a business opportunity, Nina looked at me as a friend right from the beginning. She wanted to know my story and what has lead me to where I am today. She’s the first person who has sit through hours and hours of me playing her demos and explaining my vision for them. Nina is a music lover with a passion for greatness and human connection, which is why she’s so good at what she does.”


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