What Our Clients Say

“Nina’s breadth of  experience and colorful stories quickly established her credibility with the attendees. One participant said that it was ‘the best training I’ve ever experienced’.” — Joanne, VP of HR, Global Enterprise Solutions Company

“Nina was incredibly creative and resourceful. She has the unique ability to think strategically and at the same time, she understands all the the details needed to execute on her vision.” — Art Papas, CEO, Bullhorn, Inc.

“It was a great class as it pertains to the digital transformation knowledge and information that came our way – Nina knew a ton.”Sean, Marketing Agency VP (Attendee Digital Marketing Transformation Course)

“I have known and worked with Nina off and on over the last 20 plus years and what impresses me most about her today is how she can take her wealth of experience and share it in a way that leaves her audience better off as a result of spending time with her. Her speaking style, ability to engage her audience, knowledge of branding/marketing, staffing, recruiting and sales are all key strengths of hers. I highly recommend her as a valuable advisor and resource for both individuals and companies.” — Mary Lucas, Chief Talent Officer, Global Company

“Nina was the missing link that I needed for this next phase in my music career. After taking some time off, I knew I had to completely re-brand and organize my approach in a different and more directed way. Nina does all of this from a heart centered place while remaining professional and focused on the big picture goals. She also has a fantastic way of coaching you through the doubts and confusion that come from becoming an entrepreneur. I couldn’t be more grateful for the work she’s done for me and I look forward to much more work together in the future!” — Jamie, Recording Artist, Voice Faculty at Berklee College of Music, Certified Spiritual Life Coach

“Working with Nina has been a very positive experience and she’s someone who’s opinion I truly do value on many different levels. She always has a positive attitude and a great work ethic.”Chris MorenoRecording Artist

“I have always enjoyed working with Nina. She is a dedicated leader who can deliver results through pragmatic planning, strong team coordination and a vision for the big picture. She can thrive in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments alike. An asset to any firm seeking intelligence, output and a terrific disposition.” — Marcel Legrand, Chief Revenue Officer, Investor, Entrepreneur

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Nina on a few projects. Nina is an exceptional strategic consultant with multiple talents. She is very strategic by nature, understands how to solve problems and implement solutions, and knows how to market/brand companies in various industries. In addition, Nina possesses excellent communication skills and her writing is superb! I highly recommend Nina!” — Julie Kang, Senior Executive, Global Company