What Our Clients and Audiences Say

“Nina Pickell’s passion for delivering information in an engaging way that both educates and motivates has helped to reinvigorate the spirit of our annual global webinar series. Her varied, insightful, and always entertaining topics — building power brands, digital marketing transformation, creativity,  mastering your market and mindset in crisis, entrepreneurship, inspiration, mindfulness and more — have encouraged countless people to follow her leading example and give back by imparting knowledge from their own lives and careers. Nina’s dedication to sharing expertise each year is an inspiration to the many worldwide that regularly participate in her presentations.” — Associate Director, Major University (Globally Ranked in Business, MBA Program Top 20)

“Nina was incredibly creative and resourceful. She has the unique ability to think strategically and at the same time, she understands all the the details needed to execute on her vision.” — CEO and Founder, Global Technology Company; Non-Profit Board Member

“I have known and worked with Nina off and on over the last 20 plus years and what impresses me most about her today is how she can take her wealth of experience and share it in a way that leaves her audience better off as a result of spending time with her. Her speaking style, ability to engage her audience, knowledge of branding/marketing, staffing, recruiting and sales are all key strengths of hers. I highly recommend her as a valuable advisor and resource for both individuals and companies.” — Chief Talent Officer of a Global Company, Author, Speaker

I have always enjoyed working with Nina. She is a dedicated leader who can deliver results through pragmatic planning, strong team coordination and a vision for the big picture. She can thrive in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments alike. An asset to any firm seeking intelligence, output and a terrific disposition.” — Chief Revenue Officer, Investor, Entrepreneur

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Nina on a few projects. Nina is an exceptional strategic consultant with multiple talents. She is very strategic by nature, understands how to solve problems and implement solutions, and knows how to market/brand companies in various industries. In addition, Nina possesses excellent communication skills and her writing is superb! I highly recommend Nina!” — Senior Executive, Global Company

“Nina facilitated a 2-day training program for our sales organization. Stepping in last minute to lead the training, she mastered the complexities and our business quickly. Nina’s breadth of  experience and colorful stories quickly established her credibility with the attendees. One participant said that it was ‘the best training I’ve ever experienced’.” — VP of HR, Global Enterprise Solutions Company

“I recently served on an adult education non-profit board with Nina. I was head of the marketing committee. Nina frequently suggested ways to drive awareness, acquisition and profitability to the board while seeking ways to improve the organization’s business and leadership overall. She regularly contributed her knowledge and ideas in marketing, digital marketing, technology, content, and events. Separately, she also demonstrated her experience in influencer marketing within the local Boston community by bringing together numerous recording artists to participate in some of our community events.” C-Level Executive and Entrepreneur

“It was a great class as it pertains to the digital transformation knowledge and online marketing information that came our way – Nina knew a ton.” — Marketing Agency VP (Attendee Digital Marketing Transformation Course)

“I first met Nina when she worked on an interim Product Director engagement for one of our divisions at Fidelity. Nina had a knack for quickly diagnosing issues and quickly developing solutions. On a complex new HR Outsourcing product in healthcare, Nina worked across all functions (e.g. sales, marketing, finance, service delivery, etc.) at leadership levels to serve up on a silver platter a complete product offering. Her expertise in crafting and selling this product was instrumental in our company winning its first healthcare client. Nina also provided her extensive technology experience to help the company select its main recruiting technology partner.” Partner, Global Company

“Nina was the missing link that I needed for this next phase in my music career. After taking some time off, I knew I had to completely re-brand and organize my approach in a different and more directed way. Nina does all of this from a heart centered place while remaining professional and focused on the big picture goals. She also has a fantastic way of coaching you through the doubts and confusion that come from becoming an entrepreneur. I couldn’t be more grateful for the work she’s done with me and I look forward to much more work together in the future…Thank you Nina Pickell for being the best coach in this business.” — Boston Recording Artist, Voice Faculty at Berklee College of Music and Vocal Coach

“Nina is a blessing! Her energy and advice have helped push me to my next level!” — Comedian

“Nina Pickell is an incredible advisor, friend, and mentor. I’ve known Nina for a few years and I’m so grateful to have had a chance to work with her on my artistry, branding, social media, and overall advising as well as launching a crowdfunding campaign [raising over $20,000 in 30 days] successfully funding my first full album this year. Nina has guided me in ways to highlight my strengths and strengthen where I have had weaknesses so I am a more well-rounded successful independent artist. Her knowledge is multi-faceted which allows her diverse clients reach their individual goals. Nina is a great friend – her honesty, compassion, and work ethic will push you to work hard and shine your brightest.”  Los Angeles Pop Recording Artist and Songwriter

“I really enjoyed this week’s training course with you. Thank you for all of your insights and information to take our strategy to the next level.”  Executive, attendee of Digital Marketing Transformation workshop

Nina is always bringing me new ideas and information that I never would’ve found on my own. She has a real pulse of the industry and is always keeping an eye out for new opportunities, which allows me to focus on what I really love, being creative. Nina is a music lover with a passion for greatness and human connection, which is why she’s so good at what she does. Rather than looking at me as a business opportunity, Nina looked at me as a friend right from the beginning. She wanted to know my story and what has lead me to where I am today. She’s the first person who has sit through hours and hours of me playing her demos and explaining my vision for them. Nina has always made me feel heard and valued, and she truly cares about me as a person, beyond just my career. She is extremely humble and hardworking, and will be there for you whenever and however you need her. My favorite part of working with Nina is that she allows me to be me, and will spend hours thinking through a decision with me to make sure it’s the right one. For that, I am forever grateful!” — New England Recording Artist and Songwriter

“When we get compliments on our name, MindForce, I nod my head, and silently thank Nina. She was the “mind” behind the name as we were brainstorming new names for our “to be created” consultancy. Bingo…. she nailed it. It, however, wasn’t done in a “moment of creativity” but Nina had really thought through the name, why it made sense for us, the pros and cons. Kudos to Nina!” CEO and Founder, Entrepreneur

“Working with Nina has been a very positive experience and she’s someone who’s opinion I truly do value on many different levels. She always has a positive attitude and a great work ethic.”Nashville Country Recording Artist and Songwriter

“When I first met Nina years ago, I was drawn to her high powered and extremely positive energy. She is always seeing the good and working to genuinely help people. She has given me so much great insight and advice on my career as well as life encouragement in addition to helping me better understand digital marketing and outreach to grow my musical following. She is truly one of a kind!” NYC Recording Artist, Vocal Instructor, and Entrepreneur

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Ms. Pickell on a number of leadership, organizational development, and branding initiatives at a global leading staffing and HR services company. She had continually demonstrated an instinctive strategic thought process supported by strong tactics and enthusiasm. Nina works tirelessly to achieve goals and she does so with integrity and steadfastness. I was honored to work alongside her and would do so without question at any time, any place. The challenges for an emerging US business of a global company bringing 19 US brands together were immense — she accepted them as a professional with quality as her deliverable. She remains a trusted advisor.” — C-Level Executive, Talent Acquisition industry

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