Hot Marketing or Fail? Do Edgy Ideas Really Work?

word hot image for marketing idea
Marketing idea using hot sauce may create buzz — but is it hot enough to build a brand?

Many of you know how much I love spicy food and creative marketing. I hear GE launched a new brand of hot sauce — to attract young tech talent?  It is the latest edgy move in employer marketing.  They may just get the buzz going with more than young adults with this one.  What do you think?  Do creative ideas like these really work?  Is the secret in the sauce?  Check it out here:

What can we learn from this creative marketing idea and the intended results?  Will this specific idea help GE reposition the brand and attract the right talent?

A creative idea may cause some buzz and may get some near-term results.  Yet, the latest hot marketing move can’t do all the heavy lifting alone.  It takes the right ongoing, integrated approach to drive meaningful, sustainable results — especially when it comes to repositioning a brand and building brand awareness with a new audience.

Have a great week and please reach out if you’d like to talk about growing your business or improving your talent acquisition.  We are all about making a difference and growing ventures with an integrated approach to driving sales, so you’ll get more than the “same old, same old” marketing speak.  You’ll get results.

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